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 Academic Papers

  1. Factors Determining Adoption of Fintech Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform: An Empirical Study in Indonesia (The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business, Vol 9, Issue 1, 2022)
  2. Adversity Quotient in Improving Millennial Generation Salespeople’s Performance in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews, 2020)
  3. Gender perspectives in individual and organizational factors: A study of millennial employees in creative industries (Management Science Letters 11 (2021) 11–20)
  4. Individual and organizational factors’ effect on knowledge sharing behavior (ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SUSTAINABILITY ISSUES, 2020 Volume 8 Number 1 September)
  5.  Dynamic Capabilities and SMES Performance: The Mediating Effect of Innovation (Study of SMES in Indonesia) - Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Science, Health, Economics, Education and Technology (ICoSHEET 2019)
  6. The Role of Innovation in Improving Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Performance (International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, Vol. 11, Issue 2, 2020)
  7. A Motivation Study of the Lighthouse Keepers in Indonesia (International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, Vol. 14, Issue 7, 2020)
  8. The Influence of Empowerment, Supply Chain Strategy, and Job Involvement toward Professional Commitment (International Journal of Supply Chain Management, Vol. 9 (5), 2020)
  9. Does organizational commitment mediate the impact of organizational culture and interpersonalcommunication on organizational citizenship behavior? ( Management Science Letters 10 (2020) 2455–2462)
  10. Implementation Talent Management to Improve Organization’s Performance in Indonesia to Fight Industrial Revolution 4.0 (International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research, January 2020)
  11.  Evaluation of Operational, Organizational, And Public Leadership on The Faculty Board And Department of The Faculty of “Xyz University” (KnE Social Sciences / International Conference on Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (IC-HEDS) 2019)
  12. Entrepreneurial Orientation and Sme Performance: Dynamic Capabilities As Mediation Study on Smes in Indonesia (KnE Social Sciences / International Conference on Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (IC-HEDS) 2019 / Pages 74–89)
  13. Knowledge-Sharing Enablers and Barriers in Research Centers: A Literature Review (KnE Social Sciences / International Conference on Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (IC-HEDS) 2019 / Pages 142–151)
  15.  Evolution of Leadership in Esprit De Corps: Evidence from military organization - Proceedings of the First International Conference on Administration Science (ICAS 2019)
  16. Determinants of Entrepreneurial Intention among Millennial Generation in Emerging Countries (International Journal of Entrepreneurship, June 2019) 
  17. A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF TERTIARY STUDENT’S ENTREPRENEURIAL INTENTION: INDONESIA AND TAIWAN ( International Journal of Entrepreneurship, Volume 23, Issue 4, 2019)
  18. Extending the Shapero’s Model: Entrepreneurial Education Can Predict Entrepreneurial Intention of Vocational School Students? (Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Vol 13, no 2, 2018)
  19. Antecedents of Secondary Students' Entrepreneurial Motivation (Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Vol: 21 Issue: 2, 2018) 
  20. Investigating the effect of motivation on entrepreneurial intention: three different approaches (Problems and Perspectives in Management, Volume 16, Issue 2, 2018)
  21. Entrepreneurship Education and Taking/Receiving & Giving (TRG) Motivationson Entrepreneurial Intention: Do Vocational School Students Need an Entrepreneurial Motivator? (International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, (Volume 15, Number 22, 2017)
  22. The Effect of Transformational Leadership,Academic Culture and Organizational Health onManagerial Effectiveness: A Study of AnIndonesian Public Higher Education Institution (Rev. Integr. Bus. Econ. Res. Vol 4(4))
  23. Does Entrepreneurial University Support Entrepreneurship Education? (Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Management Studies Vol. 4, No. 2, 70-75, 2017)
  24. Taking/receiving and giving (TRG): A comparison of two quantitative pilot studies on students’ entrepreneurial motivation in Indonesia ( International Journal of Research Studies in Management 2015 April, Volume 4 Number 1, 3-14) 
  25. Determinant Factors of Students’ Entrepreneurial Intention: a Comparative Study (Dinamika Pendidikan, Vol. 13, No. 1, 2018)