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Improving Students’ Digital Literacy Through Blogging

It has become a standard menu in lectures that the author is able to, assigning students to create a blog as one of the individual tasks. The assignment is certainly not without reason. The purpose of the assignment is no more so that students have digital literacy as a 21st century skill that must be mastered by learners. Unfortunately, out of 40 students per class, on average only 2 people are actively blogging, while the rest never blogging. Even among them just heard the term blog.

Improving Students’ Digital Literacy Through Blogging
Werner Moser dari Pixabay

Digital literacy itself is interpreted as the knowledge and proficiency of users in utilizing various digital media wisely. Digital literacy is becoming important due to the rapid advancement of information and communication technology. The industrial revolution 4.0 has triggered the Internet of Things  (IoT),  Artificial Intelligent  (AI),  robotics,  cloud computing technology,  big data, and soon. At least students are required to understand although not necessarily explore what, why, and how digital literacy. The government itself is currently packing a special program to increase digital talent so that the nation's human resources can take part in the industrial era 4.0.

Blogging is not very popular among students. They are more compulsive to like social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and so on. It could be the popularity of various social media because it is easier to use than creating a blog. Whereas blogs have a series of benefits, including improving the ability to write, generating additional income,displaying a portfolio of blog owners, promotional media of goods and services that will be introduced to prospective consumers, learning media, and various other benefits.

Blogging activities are indeed in addition to the need for tinkering skills to code a blog, also have to post articles regularly. Well posting articles regularly is what may cause students to be reluctant to create a blog. Not because they are not able to create a blog, but uploading content in the form of articles becomes a challenge in itself.

In fact, not all students have the ability to write well. In fact, a student is willing and able to write well. After all, in every lecture they are asked to make a paper. And towards the end of the study, they must write a thesis, thesis or dissertation as a ticket to obtaining a degree. Good writing skills certainly along with reading interests and creativity. Low interest in reading among students leads to a lack of their writing skills. Of course, this is a challenge for the campus how to create an academic culture that encourages the growth of literacy.

Blogging is actually able to improve digital literacy. Through blogging activities, blog owners understand technical jargon such as Search Engine Optimization  (SEO),  Data analytics,  Keywords,  Domain Authority,  Page Authority,  Visitor Behavior and many other jargon. Understanding these technical jargons requires a commitment to learn them, although it does not have to have a background in information technology education.

The ability to create and develop a blog can actually be learned self-taught. Various tutorials on blogs and trinkets are available on the Internet as well as on library bookshelves. The key is our perseverance and patience when we want to become bloggers. But if we intend to become professional bloggers, of course, taking a course or training becomes a mandatory menu to do. Blogger becomes a promising profession that is timeless as digital technology develops in the future.

Ultimately, blogging became an effective means to improve students' digital literacy. Students can use blog media for the benefit of lectures, or it could be students interested in using blogs as rupiah coffers. Moving students to enjoy blogging must certainly be supported by lecturers and other campus stakeholders. 

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